The Genius

The moon in August ?
Mmm, no

The moon in May?

The moon in March?


The moon in June!


Writer's Block

Pass me the verb nurse.
No! that's a noun,
I said a verb.
That's better,
now an adjective.

Will he recover doctor?
It's hard to say nurse.
Check his pentameter readings.
Below ten syllables doctor.
Hmm, administer eight lines of ottava rima.
Any better nurse?
Better, but still no sign of assonance.
More anapestic please.

Hmm, complications nurse,
Tennyson's elbow I think,
maybe terminal caesura.
Doctor! Alliteration and rhyme have stopped-blank verse only now.
It's too late nurse, we've lost him.

Write on his death certificate,
'severe and irreversible writer's block.'

John Magee 1997